“Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift”


Life is a big swim, so if you are prepared to do the work you can achieve anything, and i am living proof of this. That is what Creative Consciousness. Its scary and its difficult and hard but you break through those barriers.

Having been very ill, my worth is not bound up by my outcomes. Since following the tools I now train, I found a peace I never had a for, Im accessing potentials I never knew I had. Now when people ask how im doing, and I say “fanastic” and ACTUALLY MEAN IT.

By the time I get through that

It was a goal that was achieved, when I thought I couldnt.

If you are prepared to do the work, then you are ready to achieve the thing.

What this power gives you is the ability to walking into the parts of yourself that need to be spoken to, to let go of the baggage and pain.  This creates a base of trust, peace, and potential that allows one to access talents and potential, possibility


In a world where you always in charge and never in control, becoming more aware of your power to act in your own favour gives you a base of unleashing your creative potential.




Coaching is a way to anything is possible, tapping into potential, accessing talents you didn’t know you had, discovery, uncovering, unlocking, navigation,  accountability, and power in life, relationships with people, tools carry through life, height d awareness of what she’s capable of, a means to let go past hurts and past wrongs, she feels powerful.

Feeling powerful and in control, the ability let go past hurts, what would be possible.
Feeling confident, empowered

What is possible you were able to let go of your past pain, free of baggage, more than the sum of your pain,

With every hurt, you get baggage, leave behind, leaving you stuck at the Rea Viya with an army of bags unable to ,

  1. Let go of pain and baggage TO
  2. Create a strong foundation TO CREATE
  3. Discovey, play and achieve full potential